Coming soon to a shore near you


Gales of November


Born to the Horns - 3:09

Waking the Fates - 6:34

Thus Wept the Sea Widow - 5:40

After the Rats Have Fled - 6:00

Beneath the Sun (My Heart Did sink) - 5:00

Three Winters - 3:54

I, Destroyer - 3:38

Thirst of the Tyrant - 4:14

The Bridge Below - 4:30

Sails of My Father - 6:50

Waves of Ægir - 9:00


11 tracks at close to one hour of pounding boreal metal.


Mix and master by Tore Stjerna/NBS Studios Sweden

Limited CD Release artwork by Abomination Imagery

Limited Vinyl Release artwork by Abomination Imagery.

New drummer will be announced when the album is released.



Release date will be announced later.