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Gales of November was officially released on November 21/22.  

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I, Destroyer 1st track from the new album Gales of November.  Released on all platforms on 9/9/22.

Gales of November has been mixed & mastered by Tore Stjerna @ NBS Studios in Sweden.  Complete running time is roughly 59:32.  11 tracks.  It will be released on limited digipak by One Eye Rising, my own publishing company.

Fuck labels/Fuck media

I've never hated this world as much as I hate it in this moment, and this moment seems to last for fucking ever.

Updates have been few.  Banned on Facebook and other social media.  Have a voice of reason, get shut down.

Confined in a communist state. 

Unable to work or travel or even leave.

Complacency is Communism.

We have been right about what was to come for well over 2 decades.

Who remains?

I stand Alone.

Fuck Chinada.

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