Bloodaxe is working with NBS Productions/Necromorbus Studio, Sweden.  

Mixing and mastering by Tore Stjerna.

Rhythm guitars and bass are completed and   will be reamped at Studio A in Söderfors north of Uppsala, in an old Baptist church.

Drums are mixed.

Further guitars, vocals, random summoning's and other recordings ongoing.

As they continue (((their))) onslaught of silence for those of us who blatantly and outspokenly disagree with their agenda we are removed from platforms and forcibly silenced .  Some do it on their own by compliance to whatever the government happens to make up on said day.  Black Metal to most now is nothing more than a hash tag, a fashion show, the acceptance off all, love and understanding I presume?  

Bloodaxe is not for everyone.  It is against most everyone as is the individual who creates it.  Non acceptance.  Non conformity.  

The real Nazis of this world are not represented by swastikas , but by the Star Of David.  

Onward. March.

Stay Tuned