New Session Drummer added -  Composition and pre - production of drums now happening in Poland.  7 down and only 4 to go.  Recording of drums to take place in November in Poland.

Guitars 1 and 2 plus bass lines have all been recorded.  New album is entitled "Gales Of November".

Tracks are as follows:

Born to the Horns - 3:05

The Bridge Below - 4:30

Waking The Fates - 6:35

Thirst Of The Tyrant - 4:12

I, Destroyer - 3:35

Thus wept The Sea Widow - 5:35

Sails Of My Father - 6:48

Three Winters - 3:51

After The Rats Have Fled - 6:01

Beneath The Sun (My Heart Did Sink) - 4:48

Waves Of Ægir - 9:49

Cover art is being commissioned


Early 2019 release. 

Guitar tracks being recorded at Death Hammer Studios.  Song titles are as follows :

Born To The Horns

The Bridge Below


Waking The Fates

Sails Of My Father

The Thirst Of The Tyrant

Three Winters

After The Rats Have Fled

Into The Galley Of The Sea Widow

Beneath The Sun (My Heart Did Sink)

I, Destroyer

Rage The Invader

Upon the Waves Of Ægir

New interview with Retro Rocket Review (Canada)

Official Release date/January 16/13